All Your Favorite Celebrities Are Switching to Solar and So Should You!

Being socially responsible and thinking green is among the many trends that are becoming appreciably popular these days. Endorsing these green initiatives is now considered cool and sophisticated, giving the impression that the person is well-informed and aware of what’s going on around them. These are some of the more positive trends that are being made popular by celebrities all around the world to save the planet, who are switching from conventional energy sources like fossil fuels to renewable sources for sustainable energy.

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One of the biggest names in Hollywood, who is also an environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio is known for taking a stand against global warming and the conservation of energy, as depicted in his film “The 11th Hour.” His foundation called “Leonardo DiCaprio foundation” continues to work towards environmental issues which include renewable energy, forest preservation, and clean water access. In his film “Inception,” DiCaprio took the initiative to power the entire movie set with solar energy, which cut costs for production, while still being a box-office hit.

Edward Norton is one of the philanthropists, and a three-time academy award winner, who is one of the first celebrities to catch on to solar power. Norton paired up with the solar-panel manufacturer and oil company, BP, to provide solar energy for lower-income families in Los Angeles. To encourage other celebrities to do the same, and to start a movement, Norton publicly asked other celebrities to match his solar purchases for families with lower incomes, which led to Hollywood superstars like Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek, and Owen Wilson to join the movement.

Brad Pitt, who’s another participant of Norton’s movement, took an initiative of his own to support renewable energy. After the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt’s foundation “Make It Right” helped rebuild hundreds of houses in New Orleans, which were designed to be energy-efficient, powered by Solar Energy.

The Sydney Theater Company in Australia directors, actress Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton, completed a project installing 1900 solar panels in The Wharf Theater, which provide 70 percent of the energy needs at the facility. Blanchett also powers her own home in Australia with energy generated from solar panels.

The Grammy-winning band Maroon 5 take all sorts of measures to conserve energy, and sustainable touring. The band uses bi-diesel powered tour buses, and promote recycling at their concerts. They use their stage as a platform to talk about renewable energy and promote Solar Power.

Now you know all about your favorite celebrities switching to solar energy. If this inspires you to take initiative and switch to renewable energy as well, there are many options for professional solar installation in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area. Contact Blue Sky Solar for your professional solar installation now!