Solar Panels in Ontario is Popular Because of it’s Benefits.

Solar energy is an abundant energy available in nature. The human race needs to harness it and utilize it for our needs. Solar Panels are a way to use this vastly available solar energy. Solar Panels are made of silicon which absorbs the sun rays and the atom in it gets excited along with electrons. The atom then shuts out the electron which comes out of the copper wire in the form of electricity. The electricity we get is DC(Direct Current) which needs to be converted to AC(alternating current) using invert-er. Once we have the AC it can be used from our plug points. Solar Panels in Ontario are very widely used because it’s installation carries many benefits.

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First of all solar energy is a source of clean, renewable energy. Utilizing it using solar panels in Ontario contributes to a pollution free environment which is not possible in case of hydro-electricity or thermal electricity. Both sources of electricity generation brings toxic waste and contributes to air pollution. If an individual installs solar panel then the Ontario government & municipality gives some financial assistance to the owners.

Solar investment is secure because it brings a source of income for the owner in the long run. The excess unused power is fed into the grid and that is a source of income for the solar panel owner depending on the amount of power fed. The intial investment cost is realized in 8-10 years and the money coming in after that is pure income. Certain solar incentive programs are available in Ontario like Micro-FIT(Feed in Tariff) program and NET Metering program which allows the solar owner 10-15% return on investment. Details about these programs are available in E-book which can be downloaded from the website which is being linked with the keyword.