Why Solar Energy?

Blue Sky Solar INC is here to provide the best energy transition facility: from sun rays to electricity. Our product versatility encompasses both residential and commercial purposes with the quintessential quality assurance, what makes us the most trusted brand for many of our long-term users.

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Our residential and commercial products are net-metering solutions, off-grid program solutions and unique solar systems.

Uniqueness, trust and quality assurance are our trademark. We have put in the best of each of these to create ultra unique products which come with the following pros:

  • You will use all the electricity that you generate on the panels. Any excess energy is sold back to Manitoba Hydro at the residential rate of $.07672/Kilowatt Hour.

  • You can receive up to $200,000 in government incentive. It’s almost 33% of the system cost.

  • You will reduce your electricity bill by 80-100% from the first month.

  • You will not pay the huge delivery charges you are paying now on your electricity bills.The panels pay for themselves.

  • You save on your electricity bill and only pay financing cost.

  • Instead of paying for your electricity bill (the money you will never see again) you will be saving that money and will only be paying for the solar system. The difference is similar to renting vs buying a house. If you choose to sell the house, you will get all the money back when you sell. Until then, you will get to enjoy the saving.

  • You will be safe from yearly electricity cost increases which are approximately 5-7% every year.

  • You will get tax benefits on the savings and earnings.

  • You will be saving money and helping the environment simultaneously. Like our slogan, you will be ‘saving the world in a profitable way’!

Nothing in the world transcends the conditioning of cons. There’s only one disadvantage with our products:

  • The Govt. incentive is ending April 15, 2018*. If you don’t apply before that date you will have to pay full price for your system. That will increase your monthly financing payments.

*The Govt. program ending date is April 30,2018. However, our suggestion is to submit your application on or before April 15th 2018 to avoid any delays or application cancellation.

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